Left and Right Heart Study

Left and Right Heart Study

A left heart study is also known as a coronary angiogram. A right heart study is a minimally invasive procedure to study the pressure (and or oxygenation level of the blood) in the right chambers of the heart (right atrium and right ventricle), the lungs (pulmonary artery), as well as indirect measurement of the left atrial pressure (wedge pressure). The data obtained during a right heart study is useful in diagnosing certain heart conditions as well as enhance the management of certain complex heart conditions.

What to Expect

For right heart study: A catheter is inserted into a large blood vessel of the leg (femoral vein) or neck (jugular vein) and then advanced into the right chambers of the heart. Pressure (and or oxygen level of the blood) readings are then obtained in the various parts of the heart/lung. Local anasthesia is given to the puncture site for pain relief. Should you require it, sedative medication may be given as well.

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