Stress Testing


A treadmill exercise test involves walking on a treadmill with continuous ECG and blood pressure monitoring. This test will assess the response of your heart to exercise or stress, thereby determining a person’s fitness level and detect exercise-induced irregular heart rhythms.

What to Expect

ECG electrodes will be placed on your chest for ECG and blood pressure cuff on your arm for monitoring throughout the test.

You are required to exercise on the treadmill machine and the speed and gradient will increase every three minutes.

Adequacy of exercise is determined by the patient reaching a certain target heart rate calculated based on age, and adequate level of workload. You should inform the doctor or medical technologist to stop the treadmill in the event of any chest pain/tightness, breathlessness, headache or giddiness or generally unwell.

You will be monitored for another 5-10 minutes after the exercise. The treadmill report will be reviewed later by our cardiologist and the final report will be ready by your next appointment.

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